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An app for lovers of cinema.

CineMatch is an app for film-lovers that is tailored especially to people who like to watch films together! It is the first app where you can create a shared Watchlist with your film-buddy and both pick and suggest films to add to.

CineMatch solves the problem of messaging endless back and forward about which films you wanna watch together, which ones they already saw and you can watch alone and which you need to wait to watch together.


Search anything

Easily search for any film or TV show and check out a trailer

Organise your favourites

You can create lists to manage and organise films you like or have seen, then you can easily share your lists!

Shared Watchlists

Suggest films or TV shows to watch together a friend to create a shared watchlist!

Feedback on your suggestions

After sending films to a friend:
- Films they want to watch as well will be added to a shared watchlist
- Films they do not want to watch will be added to your personal watchlist

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CineMatch was made with love

Luca Ban


Just your red-haired kid from the block. Hanging in the streets of Tokyo. Sprouted on Belgian soil.